Understanding Personal Injury Trusts

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Understanding Personal Injury Trusts: A Guide to Financial Security After Serious Injury


When serious injury strikes, navigating the aftermath involves more than just physical recovery. The compensation received demands careful consideration to ensure long-term financial security. Enter the crucial tool – the Personal Injury Trust.

I. Unveiling the Features of a Personal Injury Trust

Legal Framework

In the complex world of personal injury compensation, the Personal Injury Trust takes centre stage. It’s a legally recognised structure, offering protection and control over awarded funds.

Control and Management

Unlike other financial arrangements, a Personal Injury Trust grants you control. It empowers you to manage compensation funds as needed.


Think of it as a financial companion, adapting to your evolving needs. The trust is flexible, ensuring it serves you in the best possible way.

Tax Considerations

Navigating tax complexities can be daunting, but a Personal Injury Trust often brings welcomed tax benefits. Professional advice is crucial in this aspect.

II. The Benefits of a Personal Injury Trust

Preservation of Means-Tested Benefits

For those relying on means-tested benefits, a Personal Injury Trust acts as a shield. It preserves essential support, ensuring it isn’t inadvertently jeopardised.

Financial Security

Beyond immediate concerns, the trust provides a financial safety net. It offers stability, supporting ongoing care and living expenses.

Asset Protection

Protecting your compensation funds from third-party claims, the trust acts as a shield, ensuring they are used solely for your benefit.

Estate Planning

Looking ahead, a Personal Injury Trust is a cornerstone in comprehensive estate planning, ensuring your wishes are respected.

III. Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Injury Trusts

Who Can Set Up a Personal Injury Trust?

Generally, anyone awarded compensation can establish a Personal Injury Trust.

When Should a Personal Injury Trust be Established?

Early planning is key. It can be set up before or after receiving compensation, but the sooner, the better.

Can an Existing Trust be Converted into a Personal Injury Trust?

In certain cases, yes. Professional advice is vital for exploring this option.

How are Trust Funds Accessed?

With the flexibility of a Personal Injury Trust, accessing funds for your needs is straightforward. A trustee manages distributions.

What Happens to the Trust on the Beneficiary’s Death?

The trust endures. Proper planning ensures remaining funds are distributed according to your wishes.

IV. How Professionals Assist with Personal Injury Trusts

Legal Guidance

Legal professionals serve as architects, ensuring the trust aligns with your unique situation and legal requirements. They can help offer guidance on who should be the trustees.

Financial Advice

Financial advisers provide strategic advice on managing trust funds, optimising their use for your benefit. Your adviser should work with you to understand what you will need capital and income for over your life time, and review your investment to ensure it is meeting your goals.

Collaboration with Other Professionals

In a coordinated effort, legal, financial, and healthcare professionals collaborate, ensuring a holistic approach to your well-being.

V. Conclusion: Safeguarding Your Financial Future

In conclusion, a Personal Injury Trust stands as a robust pillar of financial security, especially following a serious injury. Tailored to provide not only legal protection but also a sturdy framework for financial well-being, these trusts are a cornerstone in post-injury financial planning.

Unlocking Benefits Nationwide Regardless of your location, the advantages of a Personal Injury Trust extend nationwide. Our team, with a head office based in Swindon and a reach across the country, is well-equipped to offer insights that resonate with the unique financial landscapes individuals face.

Expert Guidance for a Secure Tomorrow Professional advice is crucial when navigating the intricacies of a Personal Injury Trust. As financial advisers with a local office in Swindon and a broad national perspective, we bring a nuanced understanding to your financial planning, ensuring that your trust aligns seamlessly with your needs.

Take the Next Step: Book Your Consultation Embark on the path to financial security with a Personal Injury Trust. Whether you’re in Swindon or anywhere across the country, our team is ready to guide you. Book a call back today or contact us for a personalised consultation. Seize control of your financial future – it begins with informed decisions and expert advice.

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