Our Investment process

Once we know your lifetime goals, it’s time to start planning how to help you achieve them. Everything we learn about your financial ambitions informs our development of your Lifetime Financial Plan. This plan provides a solid foundation for your finances and helps you make clear, confident decisions.

To create your plan, we follow five key steps:

1) Discover

The first and most important step is getting to know you. Asking questions about your hopes, dreams and ambitions helps us discover what’s most important to you and your family. By understanding what truly motivates you, we can build an in-depth picture of what you want to achieve now and in the future.

2) Understand

Next, we look in-depth at your current financial circumstances, including existing investments, income needs, tax status, loans, mortgages, pension arrangements and any other financial commitments. This helps give us a clearer picture of any existing or future factors that may have an impact on your plan.

3) Develop

We use this information to create your lifetime financial plan. With our in-depth understanding of your financial circumstances and projected income and expenditure, we can show you whether you are on track to achieve your goals or whether you need to change your plans. By taking a comprehensive look at the areas where you may need financial advice, we recommend the actions you need to take to safeguard your future lifestyle and family security.

4) Implement

Now it’s time to put your Lifetime Financial Plan into practice. Investing your money, managing your wealth and ensuring that your finances remain relevant to your personal circumstances is the responsibility of Mather and Murray Financial adviser.

5) Review

Once your plan is in place it is important to make sure that it stays on track to achieve your goals.  Our Lifetime Financial Review service provides you with a comprehensive annual review of your financial plan with your adviser.  We’ll review any changes in your circumstances, analyse the latest valuation of your assets, review your cashflow forecast and discuss any changes you may need. You can also access live valuations online, and keep in contact with your adviser through our Secure Message service.

Our Portfolios – Morningstar Old Broad Street

Morningstar OBSR provides independent investment consulting services to help advisers and financial institutions increase efficiency while mitigating business risk.

Our services draw upon Morningstar OBSR’s pioneering work in analysing, evaluating and rating investments. Each year our experienced consultants meet with and interview hundreds of managers to discuss investment processes and discern important investment style nuances.

Our quantitative and qualitative research informs our capabilities in asset allocation, investment research and portfolio construction, allowing Morningstar OBSR to support clients throughout part or all of the investment process with solutions bespoke to each client’s business.

Your investments can go up as well as down. You may not get back the amount you invested.

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