At Mather and Murray Financial we offer wealth management advice to individuals, trustees and businesses, which is specifically designed around their individual circumstances.

Your Mather and Murray Financial adviser will take the time to get to know you and your circumstances, offering sensible and trustworthy financial advice that adapts as your needs change over time.

Creating and maintaining the right investment strategy plays a vital role in securing your financial future. Whether you are looking to invest for income or growth, we can provide the quality advice, comprehensive investment solutions and ongoing service to help you achieve your financial goals.

We use a well respected firm, Morningstar Old Broad Street Research, to offer a range of carefully constructed, risk-rated portfolios that enables you to spread your investments across a wide range of asset types and countries, and to choose fund managers with different investment styles to create a balanced and diversified investment solution. Your portfolio is rebalanced and possibly amended in line with your attitude to investment risk every quarter, and you receive an update of it’s performance and outlook for the coming three months. With our state of the art technology you also get to view your portfolio valuations live online, and contact your adviser via our online message center. Of course, your adviser will meet with you annually to go through every aspect of your portfolio and answer any questions you have.

Your investments can go down as well as up. You may not get back the amount you invested.

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