Military personnel

Military Life Cover and Serious Illness

We have specialist advisers based at out head office in Swindon, or we can assign you an adviser close to your home or your barracks to see face to face.

If you are a serving member of the Armed Forces, the insurance you will need will be very different to that of a civilian.  With only a limited choice of providers available that do not penalise members of the Armed Forces, it’s important to ensure you are covered with the most appropriate policy.

Did you know that some insurance companies

  • Charge more for Armed Forces Personnel
  • Have a War Zone Exclusion on their policies

Our protection advisers have years of experience with helping Forces families plan to ensure their financial security if the worst should happen.

By considering things like

  • Income
  • Mortgages
  • Debts like loans and credit cards
  • The costs of bringing up children
  • Household bills

Our advisers can build up a picture of your finances and model what could happen if your family were to suffer a death or a Serious Illness diagnosis.  By talking with us you will have bespoke advice, tailored to you and we will ensure that any policy arranged does not carry a War Zone Exclusion.

Whether you want to speak to a specialist at our head office in Swindon, or see an adviser at your home or barracks, you should speak to someone today.

Military Kit and Contents

Military Kit

If you work for the Armed Forces you’ll have been issued with kit either on a permanent or temporary basis.  Military Kit insurance is designed to cover you if you have to replace your kit due to loss, damage or theft.

Licence to Occupy

Your Military Kit policy doesn’t just cover you for your issued kit, it will also cover you if you accidentally damage the Mess, Block or Married Quarter.  This is known as your “Licence to Occupy” liability.

Personal Possessions

It’s not just your Military Kit you can cover.  All the items you carry around with you can be protected against loss, damage or theft.

Worldwide loss or damage to:

  • Valuables such as jewellery, medals and cameras
  • Money and credit card liability
  • Personal effects such as phones, laptops, tablets and bicycles

Home Contents

Cover for the property within your home.  Protect yourself against the risk of fire, flood or theft.  With Accidental damage included as standard and cover you can set.

  • Household contents whilst in the home including clothes, home entertainment equipment, frozen food, documents, credit card liability, keys and locks, domestic heating oil and water. Students’ belongings and emergency entry are also included.
  • Loss or damage to contents caused by fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake, storm, flood, riot, malicious persons, subsidence, escape of water (such as burst pipes or tanks) or oil, theft, collision, collapse of aerials, falling trees.
  • Contents in the garden including garden furniture, plants and trees.
  • Contents during removals and in storage anywhere in the world.
  • Accidental damage included as standard.

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