There are two distinct areas of retirement advice:

  1. Ensuring you have enough income and capital to fund your retirement years
  2. Having built up sufficient assets; looking at how best to draw from those assets to achieve the level of income you need

Whilst in many ways these two areas of advice are separate they are linked. This is because how you intend to take income in retirement will affect the way you look to build those assets.

  • Choosing the right investment wrappers pre retirement can open up many more options when you come to retire.
  • Being tax efficient with your investments prior to retirement does not always lead to the most tax efficient income when you start to draw on the investments so a balanced approach to both elements of retirement planning is required.

Having taken these points into account the other major consideration is to ensure that the plans that are put in place are personal to you.

Everyone’s retirement will look different

We all have our individual plans and needs so you can’t simply pick up a standard option and expect it to work for you.

Take advice at an early stage and get on track. Even if you already have investments it’s never too late to make adjustments to fit with your personal needs.

Don’t forget that once you have a plan it needs to be kept under review. Circumstances change and plans therefore need to change as well. An annual check is probably often enough but if you have a major change in your life or future intentions at any time then a review of your plans at that time is vital.

If you are going to plan for your retirement, you need to be in a position to answer the following questions:

  • When do I intend to retire?
  • How much will I need in income and savings to fund my retirement from that date?
  • Am I on track to achieve that level of funding?
  • If not, what will I now do to get myself on track?

Your investments can go down as well as up. You may not get back the amount you invested.

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