Experience the World at Cricklade Festival 2024: Music, Dance, and Classic Cars Await!

Cricklade festival flyer

Nestled in the heart of Wiltshire, just a few miles north of Swindon, the historic town of Cricklade invites you to the 2024 edition of its much-loved annual festival. This year, we celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures with our theme, “It’s a Small World: Celebrating World Music and Dance.” Mark your calendars for 9th June—a new date that promises to accommodate more festival-goers than ever!

What Makes the Cricklade Festival Special?

Cricklade Festival brings our community and visitors together to enjoy a day filled with diverse attractions—completely free of charge! From the exhilarating parade by The Cricklade Band down High Street to kick off the festivities to the mesmerising performances by ‘The Treacles’ who will delight us with classic Beatles hits, there’s something to captivate everyone.

Volunteer and Participate

The festival organisers are calling on community members to join them as volunteer marshals to help ensure the festival runs smoothly. Just a couple of hours of your time can make a big difference! Additionally, if you own a classic car, don’t miss your chance to showcase it in our classic vehicle display area. This is a fantastic opportunity to share your prized automobile with fellow enthusiasts.

Fancy Dress Competition

In line with our festive spirit, we encourage you to come in fancy dress! There will be a competition for the best dressed, so let your creativity shine and impress your fellow festival-goers.

A Brief History and a Bright Future

Originally evolving from a carnival event in 2004, the Cricklade Festival has grown significantly, previously syncing with Father’s Day. This year, the organisers have shifted to June 9th, allowing even more of our community to join in the fun. After the challenges of recent years, including a pause during the pandemic, the festival’s return is a beacon of joy and resilience. The Cricklade Festival is more than just an event; it’s a celebration of our global village and the vibrant culture that thrives in our community. We invite you to step into this world of music, dance, and timeless fun. Let’s make 2024 a year to remember together!

Our sponsorship

Both founders of Mather & Murray Financial live in Cricklade, and most of our customer support team also live in the town. We have many residents as clients who have developed financial confidence through our comprehensive, independent advice. Cricklade’s community spirit is something we are really proud of, and we are pleased to help support this valuable event again this year.

Call to Action

Ready to be part of this wonderful event? Contact Polly, part of the Cricklade Festival Committee and local councillor at 07384 699937 to volunteer, or to register your classic car. Let’s make Cricklade Festival 2024 a spectacular showcase of community spirit and cultural celebration!

Cricklade Town Council have a page on the festival here, or you can visit the Facebook page.

If you want to book a meeting with one of our independent financial advisers, please contact us.

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