Tax Planning for Brighton’s Small Business Owners

Small business advice in Brighton - Tax planning

Brighton’s vibrant business scene is a melting pot of creativity and entrepreneurship. If you’re a small business owner in this coastal city, you’re part of a dynamic community that thrives on innovation. However, along with the opportunities come responsibilities, and one significant aspect is managing your tax liabilities effectively. In this article, we’ll explore tax…

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Monday Market Update – 14th August

Financial Markets Update - Unbiased Financial Advice in Swindon

Summer markets lukewarm on good news On the face of it, last week contained many of the positive headlines  market optimists had been waiting for, but the response to those headlines received was tepid at best. On Thursday, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics released its consumer price index (CPI) inflation data for July, and…

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Unlocking Opportunities: Mortgages, Insurance, and Tax Strategies for Portfolio Landlords

Illustration of a diverse portfolio of rental properties, representing the opportunities for portfolio landlords

Introduction Welcome to our comprehensive guide for portfolio landlords, who face unique challenges in obtaining mortgages and navigating the ever-changing landscape of tax legislation. In this article, we will explore tailored solutions for financing, insurance coverage, and discuss the important decision of whether to incorporate. Our expertise and understanding of portfolio landlords ensure you can…

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Tax year deadline- ISA essential features and benefits

ISA financial advice swindon

10 key ISA (Individual Savings Account) facts 1. What is an ISA? An ISA is a tax-free savings account. Money saved within the ISA wrapper isn’t charged any income, capital gains, or dividend tax. 2. How much can I save in my ISA each year All eligible ISA participants receive a £20,000 annual allowance. This…

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What are your options at retirement?

pension retirement in the sun drawdown

Drawing Your Pension: Understanding Your Options and Making an Informed Decision Retirement is a major milestone in everyone’s life and choosing the right option for drawing your pension is an important decision. There are several options available for drawing your pension, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will discuss the…

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How To Reduce Inheritance Tax

Reduce Inheritance Tax

Reduce Inheritance Tax You could Reduce Inheritance Tax by leaving everything in your will to your spouse or civil partner. You might also lower your inheritance tax payment by making gifts while you’re still alive or donating a portion of your wealth to charity. Give Gifts While You Are Alive Giving presents while you’re still…

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