New Tax Year Planning: What You Need to Consider Now

Graphic highlighting 6th April, the start of the new UK tax year, emphasizing key financial planning opportunities.

Book a call back now! As we usher in the new tax year, it’s the perfect time to give your finances a spring clean. Whether you’re an experienced investor or just starting to navigate the complexities of financial planning, there are several key areas to consider to ensure you’re making the most of your allowances…

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Empowering Women with Financial Advice: Top 10 Reasons It’s Essential in the UK

Happy Mother's Day graphic with text 'Empower Her with Financial Advice' over a floral background, symbolising women's financial empowerment.

In the UK, financial empowerment for women is not just about equality; it’s about smart planning and recognising the unique challenges women face. With issues like the gender pay gap and career breaks impacting long-term financial health, tailored financial advice is critical. Here’s why financial advice is invaluable for women. 1. Tackling the Gender Pay…

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Budget Update 2024

   On 6 March, Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt delivered his Spring Budget to the House of Commons declaring it was “a Budget for long-term growth.” The fiscal update included a number of new policy measures, such as a widely-anticipated reduction in National Insurance, abolition of the non-dom tax status and new savings products…

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Power of Attorney: Your Questions Answered

Informative graphic illustrating the concept of Power of Attorney, highlighting key aspects and benefits of setting up an LPA

Introduction Navigating the realms of Power of Attorney (POA) can often feel daunting, but it’s a vital component of managing your affairs, both now and in the future. Whether you’re considering setting one up, curious about how it works alongside a will, or looking to understand your rights and responsibilities. This article aims to demystify…

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Why You Absolutely Need a Will: A Clear and Simple Guide

Diverse generations of a family on swings, symbolising the importance of family legacy planning with will advice in Swindon

Introduction Hello! Today we’re tackling an essential topic that’s often overlooked: the importance of making a will. Regardless of your age or wealth, having a will is a critical aspect of financial planning. Let’s explore why it’s crucial and what you should know. Section 1: What Happens If You Don’t Have a Will? What if…

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Understanding Your State Pension: A Comprehensive Guide

Happy elderly woman holding a piggy bank, symbolising financial security in retirement through state pension and savings.

Introduction Welcome to our comprehensive guide on understanding your state pension in the UK. As independent financial advisers based in Swindon, we’re here to help you navigate through the complexities of pensions and National Insurance, ensuring you’re well-informed and prepared for retirement. The New State Pension: Eligibility Is the UK state pension a benefit? The…

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Staying Safe Online: How to Spot and Dodge Scammers

Illustration of a Hacker with a Laptop

No longer do you have to fall victim to a supposed Nigerian Prince, offering you winnings of an African lottery that you have never entered to get ripped off. Scammers are becoming more and more sophisticated with their techniques. These sneaky people want to trick you out of your money or personal information, but don’t worry—we’ve…

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Money and Mental Health: Navigating the Connection with Strategies for Well-being

A cartoon depiction of a debt bomb chasing a man, illustrating financial stress.

Introduction In the hustle of life, we often overlook the profound impact our financial health can have on our mental well-being. The intricate dance between money and mental health is more than just numbers on a bank statement. Let’s delve into this often-neglected aspect of our lives, explore the nuanced connections, and discover strategies for…

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Understanding Personal Injury Trusts

Mather & Murray Financial: A girl listens to a teddy bear's heartbeat, symbolising the care and trust offered in financial planning.

Understanding Personal Injury Trusts: A Guide to Financial Security After Serious Injury Introduction When serious injury strikes, navigating the aftermath involves more than just physical recovery. The compensation received demands careful consideration to ensure long-term financial security. Enter the crucial tool – the Personal Injury Trust. I. Unveiling the Features of a Personal Injury Trust…

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Will I have to sell my house to pay for care home fees?

Senior couple forming heart symbol - Mather & Murray Financial

Will the Local Council Pay for My Care Home Fees? Understanding the Landscape There is currently no cap on care home fees in the UK. The UK government has announced that from October 2025 (this was originally due to come into effect in 2023 but has been delayed), no one in England will have to…

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