What we do, and why we’re different

We provide truly holistic independent financial advice and create a lifetime financial plan to secure the best possible future for you and your family.


Protecting Yourself and Your Family

Why do you need insurance? Because the unexpected sometimes happens.

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As independent mortgage advisers our role is to search for, compare and offer you a choice between the various options that meet your requirements.

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Mather & Murray Financial

Mather and Murray Financial believe all customers should be able to access quality advice no matter what their circumstances. It’s unfair that many banks and building societies no longer provide an advice service to their clients, and it’s unfair that many independent firms only advise wealthy customers.

We use state of the art technology and services to provide our clients with the best possible advice, treat our customers fairly and provide the best possible service from your adviser. You can access your information and up to date policy information live via our client portal and message your adviser securely and expect a prompt response.

Working With Mather & Murray Financial

1. Discover

2. Understand

3. Develop

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6. Review

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